Our own beer, brewed with love, in the castle cellar vault.

The history behind Rosersbergs castle beer

In our quest to provide guests from near and far a grand dining and drinking experience, we became very curious when our sous chef Michael Winberg Gustavsson told us about his solid interest for brewing his own beer. After receiving a sample of Michels beer the idea was born to brew beer in at the castel. Said and done. Without any equipment involved in the process our newly appointed master brewer Michael began brewing Rosersbergs castle beer in the castle’s vaulted cellar, and the first beer brewed at the castle in modern times was born.

Winter Ale, Summer Lager, Winter Wit

Before Christmas 2014, we presented our first beer: Rosersbergs Winter Ale, a pale ale with hints of citrus. The success continued – in 2015 we released Rosersbergs Summer Lager, a light layer of summery citrus, and today we pride ourselves even with Rosersbergs Winter Wit with a taste of bitter orange and coriander seeds. Want to learn more about beer, we offer bookable beer tasting where you obviously can even try our latest brewed beer.